Our promotional film as individual video

„Erstes Deutsches Fernsehen“reporting with a „MDR“ television crew on-site at company Schmitt

Barbed wire and surveillance cameras

In Eastern Saxony, the theft of scrap metal and precious metals has been flourishing since the opening of the borders to the Czech Republic and Poland. Therefor “Edelstahl Schmitt” has been massively upgrading the protection of the company as well as the products of its customers. The site of the company has been transformed into a fortress for around 70,000 Euros.
Since then, managing director Norman Schmitt has been left alone by unsolicited guests.

Preventive measures show results

„In the past we kept watch ourselves at night. That is unfeasible if you have to work at the company during the day”, explains Norman Schmitt.  For about one year now, the company has not been bothered by thefts anymore. But until this day, the police have not been able to solve the six burglaries of the previous year. “One wishes for more presence of the border patrol like in the past.”

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